What a time to be a gamer. We’ve already seen the EA, Microsoft and Bethesda E3 showcases, and we have to say, E3 has been good so far. The Microsoft conference was a pleasant surprise and gave quite a list of titles to look forward to. With the Bethesda showcase, we got confirmation on some heavy hitters and more gameplay about the new installments in some of our favorite series.

We’ve also gotten confirmation that developers are already at work with next-generation titles, so we better start saving up to get new consoles within the next few years.

After our live viewing party on our twitch channel, we recorded a mini-podcast sharing our thoughts about the conferences we’ve seen so far. Here’s the video, enjoy!


Nicole is Web Developer & Designer. The first time she got involved with video games was with the Sega Genesis console and since then video games have been part of her life. She plays a little bit of everything, but platformers have a special place in her heart.

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