It is finally here. The second most wonderful time of the year for a lot of gamers worldwide comes right back at us. We do anticipate a good show overall and wanted to share some of our thoughts with our friends over at the Press Pause Nation.

General E3 2018 Expectations

Mash188: I don’t expect a lot of new news in this E3, I think we will see the reaffirmation of many of the titles that have been announced couple of E3 befores. So my expectations on this E3 are very low.

Sparrowolf: This year I expect an E3 very similar to last year’s: An update on existing projects, rather than having many releases kind of E3. Im happy and excited for many of  the updates that are sure to come, some others I feel will be short of “ok” and it all has to do, I think, with the life cycle of the current generation. Major guns will be held until, I say, E3 2020.

Now let us dig-in into this. We will provide insight on our expectations over developers’ conferences and over some games that have either been confirmed to be on E3 as well as those that we are wishful to get to see. A general overview of what each of us expect will be provided while sharing some of our thoughts over each conference, on a brief manner.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Electronic Arts

Our thoughts:

Alexnation: A lot of Battlefield V news.  Perhaps more gameplay for Anthem.  Don’t leave the sports section of the platform (this part i usually go the bathroom) more content for Battlefront 2.

Mash188: More Battlefield V details, Demo of Anthem (Alpha Build), FIFA, Madden, UFC, New Need for Speed (A new underground? Lets hope…). Expansion for Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Free).

Sparrowolf: A lot more details on Battlefield V are coming. I would also expect them to provide more details on Anthem, and maybe have some actual gameplay with ON-STAGE/ Floor Demo on it. Bad loot-crate jokes may come our way. They may talk about FIFA due to the proximity of the World Cup Russia 2018 (maybe some DLC content). After the loot box debacle I doubt they may even address Star Wars Battlefront, but a new Star Wars game may come our way.


Our thoughts:

Alexnation: Not expecting much, obviously some remastered version of their exclusives.  More info and more titles being added to their Game Pass service. They will also bring emphasis on the current state of Xbox One and its many features, this to pursue people to buy the console who has struggle in the last years to keep up with Sony and Nintendo.

Mash188: New Halo, New Gears of War, More information on Tomb Raider, Information on the Remaster Remastered Halo Collection. More AAA games for Game Pass. A new IP, Some Indie games.

Sparrowolf: I think this is one of the conferences I am looking forward the most. Not necessarily expecting a lot on games other than a glimpse at another Gears of War game, maybe some Halo or other “big” Microsoft owned IPs. Other than that, in my opinion, it’s a bit late for new IP introductions at this moment in the current gen life cycle, but I would love them to hint on a new console. In the meantime, I think they need to keep on working with what they have that have worked, in my opinion, which is the Game Pass. So we will definitely see their service library grow. Little to no attention will be given to their VR program.


Our thoughts:

Alexnation: Fallout and maybe a version of Skyrim for the new Atari? (kappa) since they have released the game for almost every platform out there.

Mash188: Fallout everywhere!

Sparrowolf: I’m not fond of any given Bethesda game. But it would not surprise me to see Doom 2, just as an announcement, maybe some video but no gameplay yet. No release date. Fallout will definitely be their main dish.

Devolver Digital

Our thoughts:


Alexnation: Maybe some sequels for the main titles.

Mash188: New Serious Sam other than that No Idea…

Sparrowolf: These folks have surprised me with their last couple of games. Quite enjoyable and a nice bang for my buck. It would be good to see them deliver a possible sequel to at least one of their IPs.

Square Enix

Our thoughts:

Alexnation: FF7 news, probably a little game footage and maybe a tease for a possible release date.

Mash188: FFVII gameplay, Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay, New Tomb Raider gameplay

Sparrowolf: Another motherload with this conference! I do not care about nothing more than over an update over the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I would dare say they will confirm a release date and there will be an ON-STAGE/ Floor Demo available as well.


Our thoughts:

Alexnation: The Division 2 Teaser Trailer, is expected and should definitely be in the mix for their presentation.  More tender loving care for Assassin’s Creed Franchise and Wildlands. Also as expected some info regarding a New Splinter Cell game.

Mash188: New Assassin’s Creed based on Origins, Wildlands Expansion, Future Updates for Rainbow Six Siege, New Splinter Cell very similar to Blacklist. New Rayman, Gameplay of Skull and Bones

Sparrowolf: Details on The Division 2 are incoming, maybe even some gameplay. Sadly, these guys refuse on letting go from AC, and in my opinion it abuses the title/franchise but it still gives them some revenue, so we will be seeing some of that. We may see some new IP, as well as some more DLC, possibly final, content for Wildlands. A new approach on Prince of Persia may be seen as well as some more details over Beyond Good and Evil stuff, and even some new Rainbow Six.


PC Gaming Show

Our thoughts:

Alexnation: I don’t usually watch this presentation.

Mash188: I Have no idea what they present…

Sparrowolf: Nothing to say here. PC Gaming is not my area.


Our thoughts:

Alexnation:  Expect the usual blah blah from Sony, what they have accomplished in the past years with PS4 and PS4 Pro.  This as segway for future projects regarding a new console. In regarding games, not expecting mayor bomb shells, maybe some console exclusive packs with upcoming releases, would love a Bloodborne 2 teaser and some release dates for mayor exclusives.  Don’t forget some new titles for their VR market, also i don’t expect any price drop on hardware for now. We could also use a better offer for their PS Now service. A lot of Spider-Man gameplay. We may also expect more content for current titles that have done well in the Sony platform such as Monster Hunter World, probably new DLC and PS4 exclusive gear. Also new DLC for Destiny 2 thats coming in September could show up in the Sony conference with PS4 exclusives like in the past.

Mash188: Kingdom Hearts 3, FFVII, Days Gone, The Last of Us 2, Spiderman, COD:BO4, Nothing new…

Sparrowolf: Gameplay of Ghosts of Tsushima, Days Gone, The Last of Us 2 and even on Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 . I also think that, if From Software is indeed working on Bloodborne 2 it will be revealed in full during this conference. No deep mention over their PSVR other than with some simple games/ follow ups, if at all; yet nothing major. Also, since the way I see it is this is the current generation top console, anything COD related will be part of this conference as well. Spider-Man Gameplay/ DLC reveals will obviously be there as well as some more Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. I don’t doubt they may announce something related on improving their PS Now services.


Our thoughts:

Alexnation: Smash, maybe a teaser for their upcoming Metroid Prime 4.  Also more info on the new Pokemon lets go game. Also expect details of how the new online service will work, bringing out the features of this new environment. And don’t forget about some “nindis” in the e-shop.

Mash188: Pokemon, Smash…

Sparrowolf: Nintendo seems to be back on track with the major success they have tasted with the Switch. We will be seeing a lot more details over their upcoming heavy hitters, specifically A LOT on Smash Brothers, although I’m not expecting for gameplay yet unless they confirm it to be a port from the Wii U version, as well as with how the Switch integrates the gaming experience to their new online service. This should be their forte during the conference, since it is their most recent offering to enhance their services, and it is something never seen before on their end, as a paid “subscription”. They will also showcase a lot of their resent Pokemon reveal and more than likely will reveal some major megaton involving another of their beloved IPs, maybe on Star Fox, Metroid or even Mario Kart. Hope they finally stop on just porting Wii U stuff. Also, we will probably see some more Nintendo IPs leaping towards smartphones.


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