What is Press Pause ?

We are a husband and wife team that create digital content about gaming. We are Twitch Affiliates and primarily stream on that platform. We do a mix of co-op and individual streams, including a wide variety of games and game genres. Press Pause is our community and platform.

About Us


Nicole is Web Developer & Designer. The first time she got involved with video games was with the Sega Genesis console and since then video games have been part of her life. She plays a little bit of everything, but platformers have a special place in her heart.


Steam: NicoleJ
Playstation Network: NicoleJeanette
Xbox Live: NicoleJeanette
UPlay: NicoleJeanette


Juan loves many things, particularly gaming and eating. Mix ’em up together and you’ll be on his good side. From RPGs to First Person Shooters, he’s open to playing most video game genres, though his biggest challenge is sitting down to actually complete a game. Aside from grabbing a controller, he also enjoys listening to gaming podcasts and documentaries about how these incredible worlds are created.


Steam: EpicJC
Playstation Network: EpicJC
Xbox Live: EpicJC
UPlay: EpicJC